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Our centers have an excellent reputation in the market and strive to serve their students and stakeholders with pride and dignity. Our friendly Front Desk Receptionists and Registrar are fluent in both Arabic and English. The Director, Head of Academics, and teachers are native speakers who are well experienced and qualified to ensure that the highest teaching standards and expectations are met. The Center itself has pleasant, cheerful classrooms making the learning atmosphere relaxed, comfortable, and stimulating.

Since we promote an authentic classroom environment, learning English as a second or foreign language is a very rewarding, meaningful, and effective process. Students are challenged with real-life tasks to provide them with the opportunity to connect with the real world.

Our Workshops

Writing Effective Emails

In this workshop, we will focus on strategies for writing clear, effective and professional emails. We will discuss the aspects of an email that make it likely to be easily understood, and to create a good impression. We will put the light on the difference between formal and informal emails.

Preparing and Delivering Effective Presentations

Through this workshop, you will be able to structure an organized presentation based on your desired outcomes, in addition to enhancing your presentation with body language and non-verbal communication. You will also learn how to properly use visual aids, and master the art of fielding questions from your audience.

Communicating Effectively on the Phone

Through this workshop, you will be able to understand the importance of telephone etiquette and the role it plays in leaving a great impression. You will also learn how to professionally place a call, answer calls, leave and take messages, transfer and hold and how to end a call, in addition to learning how to sound warm and likeable on the phone.

Organizing and Conducting Effective Business Meetings

Through this workshop, you will be able to learn effective strategies to confidently speak up in meetings, in addition to useful expressions to be used during professional meetings. You will also know all about meeting ground rules, and the importance of planning a meeting including who to invite and why, meeting duration and any other preparation needed.

Our Courses

The American Cultural & Educational Center (ACEC) was created in January 2000 to establish a high quality American-labeled English language educational facility in order to assist in the economic and social development of Bahrain.

Corporate English Courses

If you are an HR manager, training manager, CEO, or business owner who is interested in improving the English language skills of your employees, our center is the right address. We can personalize courses according to your exact needs.

Adult Courses

At ATC you will first be given a Placement Test which will determine which of our levels best suits your language proficiency. The test consists of a listening, reading, grammar and writing section.

Exam Preparation/Private Tution

ACEC/ATC offer preparation courses and individual tuition for official tests required for admission by many universities in Bahrain as well as abroad.

General English Language

You will hear native people speaking in many different contexts. You will talk in pairs, in groups or as a class with the many speaking activities practiced throughout the course.

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ACEC currently holds a grading of OUTSTANDING that has been awarded by the Bahrain Quality Authority during the 2017 review.


Young Learners courses are now available at our center!

Course duration: 30 hours - Monday/Wednesday 4:30pm to 7:30pm

Contact us for more details on 17729997

Student Testimonials

Hear what our current and past students have to say about their experience at the ACEC/ATC.