Access training center

Welcome to ACEC/ATC

Our centers have an excellent reputation in the market and strive to serve their students and stakeholders with pride and dignity. Our friendly Front Desk Receptionists and Registrar are fluent in both Arabic and English. The Director, Head of Academics, and teachers are native speakers who are well experienced and qualified to ensure that the highest teaching standards and expectations are met. The Center itself has pleasant, cheerful classrooms making the learning atmosphere relaxed, comfortable, and stimulating.

Since we promote an authentic classroom environment, learning English as a second or foreign language is a very rewarding, meaningful, and effective process. Students are challenged with real-life tasks to provide them with the opportunity to connect with the real world and to use the English language with confidence outside the classroom. Our teachers create opportunities for students to personalize the language they learn, to make use of their own knowledge and experiences, and to express their ideas and opinions. Thus, our approach to teaching English as a Second Language is entirely an interactive, communicative approach within a student-centered classroom.

We also include a variety of enrichment activities to ensure that students gain the most benefit from the lessons. Students are continuously assessed and informed of their progress to ensure that recommendations for improvement are taken into consideration throughout the session.

Our progressive courses and methods aim to challenge students to develop a strong command of the English language in order to overcome communication obstacles as they strive to achieve their educational and professional goals.

We are particularly proud of our multi-level course textbooks we have chosen as the core of our programs for adult and youth learners. Our textbooks are of the world's most successful and popular English courses used in many countries worldwide. These books deal with contemporary topics that are of high interest to both students and teachers.

At ACEC and ATC we are committed to offer you the best possible service, advice and support.

We have contributed to the success of a great number of students and promise to continue to do so.