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Overall objective: To provide intermediate – advanced English Language training for students currently in business careers or for students preparing to enter a business environment. Unlike General English training, this training places English in a business context while using the terminology used in a business.

What kind of student is this program for?
The ACEC Business English program is designed for people who need to, or will soon need to, use English in their work. It is also targeted for adult students who will be entering the world of business at the end of their course of study.

The program is designed for intermediate and upper intermediate level students. Students who score below the intermediate level will be placed in our General English courses. Students who successfully complete the upper intermediate level will have the option to study our Business Report Writing Course (30 hours in duration).

What is Business English and how does it differ from General English?
There is a certain amount of vocabulary that can be uniquely classified as ‘business vocabulary’. However, most business English is simply English used in business contexts. Business English is not a special language. The ACEC business courses will provide some specialized terminology unique to business, but the main thrust of the course is to use English in business contexts.

What are the business contexts or situations used in the ACEC course?
Our Business English course will use the following business contexts and situations to improve the student’s ability to speak, listen, read and write:

  • Greeting a visitor and making him/her feel comfortable
  • Explaining your job and how you can help the client
  • Being aware of cultural differences between you and the client and avoiding cultural misunderstandings
  • Business correspondence: letters (b) faxes (c) memos (d) e-mail
  • Writing reports, making notes, summarizing and taking notes of conversations in business (upper levels)
  • Using the telephone in business
  • Dealing with problems: (a)complaints (b)apologies (c)delivery & after-sales problems (d)how to agree and disagree with a business    co-worker, supervisor and client (e)how to interrupt politely (f)how to reach a consensus (g)negotiations to reach consensus
  • Ordering & supplying goods or services: (a)answering and making enquiries (b) making offers (c) placing and acknowledging orders
  • Explaining and describing operations (b) giving instructions
  • Giving an oral presentation to your company


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