ACEC announces the availability of academic advisory services for entrance exams (SATs, GMAT, GRE etc).

History of ACEC:
The American Cultural & Educational Center was created in January 2000 to establish a high quality American-labeled English language educational facility in order to assist in the economic and social development of Bahrain. Businessman interested in investing monies and business leadership skills became members of the Board of Directors. The Center has since continued to grow since January 2000 with a first session of only 50 students to now, where there are over 700 enrolments.

 There are two board members Mr. Ahmed Mirze Ali Jawahery and Mr. Abdul Hussain K. Dawani.

Mission Statement:
The American Cultural & Educational Center intends to stand out in the educational community by maintaining our operating integrity and high academic standards as we educate a diverse clientele of students throughout Bahrain. Our progressive courses and methods aim to challenge students to develop a strong command of the English language in order to overcome communication obstacles as they strive to achieve their educational and professional goals. Students currently studying at the American Cultural & Educational Center are a cross-section of Bahraini society: university and secondary school students, government and civil service employees, and private commercial and industrial personnel. Diversity in culture, ethnicity and personality add to the learning experience.

The courses provided by ACEC are being closely monitored by QAAET (The organization which controls the standards of education in private institutions).

QAAET visited ACEC in November 2013 and the overall grade given was Good

A full report can be obtained from the QAAET website

The staff at ACEC is continuously working towards improvements within the center and takes any comments given by customers seriously.

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