At ATC you will first be given a Placement Test which will determine which of our levels best suits your language proficiency. The test consists of a listening, reading, grammar and writing section.

30-hour courses

The General English Courses are divided into the following 22 levels

  • False Beginners (Pre 99A and B)
  • Beginners / Pre-Elementary (99A-D)
  • Elementary (100A-D)
  • Pre-Intermediate (200A-D)
  • Intermediate (300A-D)
  • Upper-Intermediate (400A-D)

Our General English Language Courses will improve your English in the following skills

  • 1. Listening and Conversation: You will hear native people speaking in many different contexts. You will talk in pairs, in groups or as a class with the many speaking activities practiced throughout the course. Conversation practice is an essential component of our courses.
  • 2. Vocabulary: Increase and improve your existing vocabulary. With a better vocabulary base, you will be able to write and speak English more fluently.
  • 3. Grammar and Writing: Many students think grammar is boring! But at ATC studying grammar is both instructive and fun. Of course, with improved grammar will come improved writing and speaking.
  • 4. Reading: Reading is one of the most important features of our General English courses. We concentrate on improving your comprehension and general reading speed. Along with improvements in your vocabulary and grammar, your reading ability will improve as well as better preparing you for official tests, such as the IELTS, TOEFL or SAT.
  • 5. Progress checks: Frequent progress checks and reflection allow you and the teacher to monitor your development. These activities will also prepare you for the ATC mid-term and final exams.


20-hour courses

These courses are specifically designed to build students’ speaking skills and confidence when using English. To qualify for these courses, all students must take the ATC Placement Test. A suitable level is determined based on the students’ written placement test score as well as the results of the verbal interview.

Our conversation courses have proven to be highly successful in the development of students’ speaking and listening skills. Students are drawn into conversations and engaging activities to guarantee maximum talking time. The thematic lessons do not only enable students to expand their vocabulary, fluency, and pronunciation skills, but also provide them with the opportunity to express their feelings, ideas, and opinions.

All classes are interactive, student-centered, and provide students with ample opportunity to participate in the activities and selected tasks.

The Conversation Courses are divided into the following 6 levels

  • Conversation 1A and 1B: Elementary Levels
  • Conversation 2A and 2B: Pre-Intermediate Levels
  • Conversation 3A and 3B: Intermediate Levels

For Customized Courses please contact us with your requirement