ACEC/ATC offer preparation courses and individual tuition for official tests required for admission by many universities in Bahrain as well as abroad.

Our centers have assisted numerous students to successfully prepare for the SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS tests. The ACEC/ATC preparation courses provide students with hands-on strategies, skills, and mock tests to prepare them well for the actual exams. Students have to write a placement test to ensure that they are at the required level to join a class.

These courses can also be followed on a private tuition basis. In these situations, no placement test is required since students are prepared according to their own pace and individual needs. Although no formal placement test is required for private tuition, the instructor will do a complete diagnostic assessment, relevant to the test requirements, to identify the areas for improvement.

The SAT Preparation course covers both verbal and math skills necessary for the demanding and changing SAT Exam requirements for college bound students planning to study in the United States.

Some foreign universities also require the TOEFL Exam. The TOEFL Preparation course I (structure and essay) and TOEFL Preparation course II (listening and reading comprehension) cover all the skills necessary for this test.

We also offer preparation courses for the IELTS exam. This course focuses on the four language skills namely reading, writing, listening and speaking.

In addition to the above, we can also assist students with GRE and GMAT preparation on a private tuition basis. Although no placement test is required in these situations, teachers do provide students with a diagnostic assessment on the first day in order to make a professional judgment on the skills to be improved.

Students interested in these specialized courses, are advised to contact the Centers well in advance to avoid disappointment.

For Customized Courses please contact us with your requirement